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The Nautilus is the Texas A&M University at Galveston student newspaper. It is published every month by students at TAMUG. This is your campus, your voice.

Letters to the Editor: Naut Talks

The Nautilus welcomes Letters to the Editor regarding topics of interest to the students of Texas A&M University at Galveston. Disagree with our opinion writers? Have an opinion of your own you would like to share?

Write to the editor at thenaut.editor@tamug.edu to have your opinion published in the Nautilus.
Submissions must be more than 100 and fewer than 300 words. The Nautilus reserves the right to edit any submissions for clarity.

Advertising in The Nautilus:

The Nautilus provides opportunity to advertise the greater Galveston community to students who historically enjoy joining community events and visiting local businesses. Your decision to advertise with the student run newspaper will help support the continual monthly publication that helps promote Galveston events to students on the Texas A&M University at Galveston Campus. Unlike other local papers and online outlets, our advertising targets a specific age group and audience that will easily connect to your products and begin a chain by word of mouth across an entire campus. Choose The Nautilus Newspaper for advertising, because students are the next generation of customers for the beautiful Galveston Island establishments and are just waiting to know about what you have to offer. Please feel free to contact thenaut.adsales@tamug.edu for your exclusive advertising opportunities.

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Nautilus Staff Application

The Nautilus Staff

Mylasia Miklas, '20

Social Media/Online Editor:
Virginia Limon, '21

Alione Roussie, '22
Emely Cruz, '22
Faith Murphy, '20
Ignacio Cobos, '22
John Vandewater, '21
Matthew Renton, '20

Alinoe Roussie, '22
Faith Murphy, '20
John Vandewater, '21

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Dr. Katherine Echols

Julie Garza-Horne

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