NSC Student Housing


1. Bed linens
2. Pillow
3. Towel
4. Personal items and toiletries

All students attending their New Student Conference prior to August 26th have the option to experience TAMUG residential life by staying in the residence halls during their conference.  There is no need to notify us if you plan to stay on campus, as we have the ability to accommodate all students at the conference.  Below is some important information for your arrival.

Information for Conference Housing Check-in:

1. Check-in for New Student Conference Housing will take place on the first morning of your conference in the Residence Life Office, which can be found in Pacific Hall.  If you need to make arrangements for an early check-in because you are traveling from more than 3 hours away, please contact Residence Life at (409) 740-4445.

  • Please be sure to go to Conference check-in BEFORE you check in for housing.  Do not worry, we have enough housing to accommodate every student.  We will NOT run out of housing for the NSC.

2. Room assignments during New Student Conferences will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have someone you would like to room with during the conference, please make sure that you check-in at the same time.

3. The student must be present during housing check-in.  Parents or other family members may not check in for their student.

4. Students will be placed into an empty residence hall, so please make sure to read the What To Bring list to the side before you come.

4.  REMINDER: No Parents or other family members will be allowed to stay in the residence halls during their student's New Student Conference.