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Thomas M. Iliffe

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Biodiversity, evolution and conservation of animals inhabiting marine caves; application of scientific and technical diving to provide access to otherwise inaccessible portions of extensive cave systems.


B.S., Penn State University, 1970
M.S., Florida State University, 1973
Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, 1977

Courses Taught

Introduction to Scientific Diving (MARB 345, 616)
Methods in Research Diving (MARB 350, 617)
Biospeleology (MARB 325)
Tropical Marine Ecology (MARB 340, 656)

Recent Publications

Iliffe, T. M. (2008). Biology of underwater caves. Pp. 63-68 in Jill Heinerth and Bill Oigarden (eds.): Cave Diving, Articles & Opinions, Heinerth Productions, High Springs, FL, 320 pp.

Daenekas, J., T.M. Iliffe, J. Yager and S. Koenemann (2009). Speleonectes kakuki, a new species of Remipedia (Crustacea) from anchialine and sub-seafloor caves on Andros and Cat Island, Bahamas. Zootaxa, 2016:51–66.

Wilkens, H., T.M. Iliffe, P. Oromí, A. Martínez, T.N. Tysall and S. Koenemann (2009). The Corona lava tube, Lanzarote: geology, habitat diversity and biogeography, Marine Biodiversity, DOI 10.1007/s12526-009-0019-2

Bishop, R. and T.M. Iliffe (2009). Metabolic rates of stygobiontic invertebrates from the Túnel de la Atlántida, Lanzarote, Marine Biodiversity, DOI 10.1007/s12526-009-0018-3

Iliffe, T.M. and L.S. Kornicker (2009). Worldwide diving discoveries of living fossil animals from the depths of anchialine and marine caves. Smithsonian Contributions to Marine Sciences, 38:269-280.

Hazerli, D., S. Koenemann and T.M. Iliffe (2010). Cryptocorynetes elmorei, a new species of Remipedia Crustacea) from an anchialine cave on Eleuthera, Bahamas. Marine Biodiversity, 40(2):71-78.

Alvarez, F., J.L. Villalobos and T.M. Iliffe (2010). A new species of mud shrimp of the genus Espeleonaushonia Juarrero & Martínez-Iglesias, 1997 (Decapoda: Gebiidea: Laomediidae) from Palau. Zootaxa, 2429:61–68.

Botosaneanu, L. and T.M. Iliffe (2010). Arubolana Botosaneanu and Stock, 1979: a genus of stygobitic cirolanid isopods, with description of a new species from the Dominican Republic. Subterranean Biology, 7:47-54.

Iliffe, T.M., T. Otten and S. Koenemann (2010). Godzilliognomus schrami, a new species of Remipedia (Crustacea) from Eleuthera, Bahamas. Zootaxa, 2491:61-68.