Thomas S. Johnson

Associate Professor Emeritus

Department of Liberal Studies (English)

+1 (409) 740-4522


B.A., Loyola University of Los Angeles, 1966.
M.A., University of California at Los Angeles, 1968.
Ph.D., University of Texas, 1973.

  • The Mythology of the West/Frontier in American Literature and Culture
  • Native American Literature of the Southwest
  • Post-Structural Archetypal Theory
  • Traveling America
  • Visionary and Mystical Literature
  • Literary Modernism: The Descent into the Underworld
  • Introduction to Native American Literature
  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • TAMU Faculty Senate (three terms)
  • Founding Member, Texas Faculty Association (Executive Committee, two terms)
  • President, TAMUG Chapter, Texas Faculty Association
  • Chair,  TAMUG committee to create College Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
  • Primary adviser on Formal Grievance filing, TFA of TAMUG
  • Faculty adviser, Native American Students Club (three years)
  • Faculty adviser, Surf Club (four years)