Darren K. Domsky

Associate Professor

Department of Liberal Studies

+1 (409) 740-4827


Ph.D., York University (2006)
M.A., University of Alberta (1998)
B.A., University of Alberta (1996)

Areas Of Specialization:
  • Ethics (Ethical Theory, Moral Psychology, and Meta-Ethics), Environmental Ethics
Areas Of Competence:
  • Bioethics, Experimental Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Social Psychology, and Logic
  • “Taking Down the Repugnant Conclusions,” in Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works, 2nd edition, ed. David Schmidtz, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.
  • “Why Callicott’s Ecological Communitarianism Is Not Holistic,” The Journal of Value Inquiry 42 (3), (Sept 2008): 389-96.
  • “Aldo Leopold,” in Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, eds. J. Baird Callicott and Robert Frodeman, MacMillan, 2008.
  • “The Inadequacy of Ecological Communitarianism,” Environmental Ethics 28 (4), (Winter 2006): 395-412.
    • Reprinted in The Ethics of the Environment (The International Library of Essays in Public and Professional Ethics), ed. Robin Attfield, Ashgate, 2008.
  • “Tossing the Rotten Thing Out: Eliminating Bad Reasons not to Solve the Problem of Moral Luck,” Philosophy 80 (4), (October 2005): 531-41.
    • Direct Response: David Enoch and Ehud Guttel, “Cognitive Biases and Moral Luck,” Journal of Moral Philosophy (forthcoming)
  • “Keeping a Place for Meta-Ethics: Assessing Elliot’s Dismissal of the Subjectivism/Objectivism Debate in Environmental Ethics,” Metaphilosophy 35 (5), (October 2004): 675-94.
  • “There Is No Door: Finally Solving the Problem of Moral Luck,” The Journal of Philosophy 101 (9), (September, 2004): 445-64.
  • Direct Response: Daniel Statman, "Doors, Keys and Moral Luck: A Reply to Domsky," The Journal of Philosophy 102 (9), (September, 2005): 422-436.
  • “Evaluating Callicott’s Attack on Stone’s Moral Pluralism,” Environmental Values 10 (3), (August 2001): 395-415.
  • “Dreaming with Descartes,” Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts 2 (2), (July 2001)
  • "McGinn's Theory of Consciousness, and Searle's Indignant Response," Gnosis 5 (1), (2001)