Student Resources

Recognizing Types of Academic Misconduct

There are several different categories that different acts of academic misconduct can fall into. Click HERE to see the different categories and examples of acts that constitute a violation of the Aggie Honor Code.

Tips to Avoid Being Accused of Academic Misconduct

There are several things you can do to avoid finding your academic integrity in question. Click HERE to see a list of recommended study habits and things to consider when making decisions about handling academic situations.

My Instructor Says I Cheated, What Happens Now?

With an accusation of academic misconduct an instructor sets in motion a sequence of events. This sequence includes an opportunity for you to see the evidence against you and accept or deny (through appeal) the allegation and possible sanction. Click HERE to see more on the steps that you may go through in resolving this.

Who Has to Prove What?

Individuals often think the Honor System works just like a court of law. This is not the case, though there may be some similarities in the process. Click HERE to learn more about this being an academic process.

Can I Appeal the Violation

A student can appeal a violation but basis of the appeal must fit one of four specific categories. Click HERE for detailed information about the allowed bases of appeal.

How Does an Honor Council Investigation Work?

An Honor Council investigation is a meeting to gather information from instructors and students about an alleged violation. Click HERE for more information about what an investigation is and is not and how to be best prepared for it.

What Happens in an Honor Council Hearing

An Honor Council Hearing is where you case is put before a panel of peers. Click HERE for more information on what to expect during a hearing.

How Does the Remediation Course Work?

The remediation course is required to remove Honor Violation Probation and is often assigned as an additional requirement with lesser sanctions as well. Click HERE for more information on the course.

I Saw Someone Cheating... What Can I Do?

Part of the Aggie Honor Code is not tolerating those who lie, cheat, or steal. Click HERE to learn what you can do if you know someone is cheating.

How Can I Be an Honor Council Member?

The Honor Council is made up of students and faculty members. Click HERE to find out how you can apply.