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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the campus and local community about the importance of sustainability. We will accomplish this by promoting sustainable practices both on and off campus in academic and non-academic settings, providing resources and support for people who wish to incorporate sustainable practices into their work and life, and advocating for sustainable programs and initiatives.

What is sustainability?

Texas A&M University (TAMU) defines sustainability as the efficient, deliberate and responsible preservation of environmental, social and economic resources to protect our earth for future generations of Texas Aggies, the Texas A&M community and beyond

Why is sustainability important?

Mission Critical
Sustainable environments and resources must be our legacy for future generations A physicaI environment that is conducive to our success, that preserves our natural environment,and that respects our human resources and financial responsibilities is essential to establishing a culture that reflects our Aggie core values: Leadership, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Service.

Emerging Trends
There has been a rising interest among students in attending green universities. Princeton Review surveyed 12,000 college applicants and their parents. The results showed that 64% of the respondents would value information about the co lege's commitment to the environment; of that cohort, 23% said such information would impact their decision. Committing to sustainable practices and action and sharing those successes will become an issue of competitiveness as more students select schools based, in part, on the institution's environmental performance. Our own students have expressed their desire for improved environmental performance with the passage of the Aggie Green Fund. In addition, the achievement of a sustainable campus will help attract and retain top scholars, teachers and researchers.

Since 2006, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) has focused on empowering higher education to lead the sustainability transformation. AASHE has rapidly grown to 635 four-year and graduate institution members and 237 Community Colleges and two-year institution members. Learn more about AASHE by visiting http://www.aashe.org.

Embedded in Strategic Planning
Sustainability is addressed in Vision 2020, through Imperative 8 and in Act ion 2015, Goal 5, Strategy 5D. These plans, along with the Academic Master Plan, guide discussion and direction for Texas A&M University.

Sus.tain’a.bil’i.ty n.

The ability to meet the needs of the present while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems and without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Campus Initiatives 

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