Safety Concern?

The highest standards of safety and a collective adherence to the TAMUG Dive Manual is critical to the integrity of the TAMUG Dive Program. Administration, faculty, staff, parents, external collaborators, our institutional partners, and of course TAMUG students, all place a high value on our exceptional safety standards.

Through the process of accident analysis, it is often learned that many incidents can be entirely avoided if an observant bystander speaks up. To help further promote dive safety culture at TAMUG, the TAMUG Dive Program and TAMUG Care Team have partnered to tailor the Tell Somebody program to diving operations. 

If you observe a practice or behavior that is unsafe or uncompliant with our TAMUG dive safety standards, you can anonymously submit an online report that gets routed to the DCB. Anonymity is fully protected to ensure complete attention is placed on the safety issue in question, not the person submitting the report. Just click Scuba diving (any Location) and Scuba-diving related when filling out the online form to help route the form to the DCB in a timely fashion. Your contribution will be valued.