Minor in Diving Technology & Methods

  • Complete a minimum of 8 hours at the 300-400 level
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5
  • Must complete a medical statement showing no contradictions to diving, or have a recreational scuba diver's physical examination.
  • Must have Divers Alert Network (DAN) Insurance (or equivalent)
  • Must maintain good health and fitness appropriate to the level of diving required. Adverse behaviors that put the diver or other participants at risk such as the use of alcohol or certain medicines may require the diver to be removed from the program
  • Contact Amie Hufton for more information
Dive mastersStudents may establish a minor field of study in Diving Technology and Methods through completing 16 credits from the following courses:

KINE 199 (1 Credit): Required Physical Activity (Condioning Swimming)
KINE 199 (1 Credit): Requird Physical Activity (Positive Impact Diving)
DIVE 250 (3 Credits): SCUBA Diving I
DIVE 251 (3 Credits): SCUBA Diving II
DIVE 330 (3 Credits): Rescue Diving
DIVE 331 (3 Credits): Alternative Diving Technology
DIVE 357 (3 Credits): Dive Leadership - Divemaster
DIVE 457 (3 Credits): Dive Leadership - Instructor
MARB 340 (4 Credits): Tropical Marine Ecology
MARB 345 (4 Credits): Introduction to Scientific Diving
MARB 350 (4 Credits): Methods in Scientific Diving