MK V Experience

The TAMUG Dive program has been fortunate enough to partner up with Paul Schenk and his team to start a new program in which TAMUG divers gain the knowledge and experience to dive and help support dive operations in a historic MARK V diving helmet.

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We would like to give a special thanks for the support Paul Schenk and his team have given to the TAMUG dive program. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact the Dive Safety Staff.

Our Current MK V Experience Graduates

Lindy Arbuckle

lindy Hero

Jake Emmert

Jake hero

LT Marc Weekly

Marc hero

Taylor Hennessey

taylor hero

Travis Sterne

travis hero

Amanda Fay

amanda hero

Nathanael Hinrichsen

nathaniel hero

Lauren Woods

lauren woods hero

Matt Stall


Walter McAfee

walter hero

Vianne Euresti

vianne hero

UDT boys

jocking the diver

hatting the diver

diver to the side