Diving Demonstration at Moody Gardens Aquarium

On October 19th and 20th, members of the TAMUG Dive Program and Cambrian Foundation created a diving program through the ages demonstration for patrons of Moody Gardens Aquarium.

Diver’s demonstrated  the use of vintage dive gear and its modern equivalent , including a WWII vintage US NAVY MK V, US NAVY lightweight diving mask (Jack Brown), US NAVY MK 21/ Superlight 17B, EXO BRMS/ EXO26, and an assortment of aqualung single and two stage double hose regulators.

The communication box for the MK V was located in the shark theater viewing room of the Caribbean exhibit enabling visitors to talk to the diver. 

Kids were able to interact, pose and even do the chicken dance with divers.

Divers also got in the penguin tank with the MK 21 and the EXO in order to help the staff with some tank maintenance.

Special thanks to Moody’s Diving Safety officer Elizabeth Foster and her entire team. Y’all made the weekend possible and we can’t thank you enough!

Moody Group photo

moody doublehose

moody mkv

moody superlight

moody comms


hatting kid