Diving Safety Manual

General Information

On 8 September 2016, the 2016-2017 Diving Control Board approved the 2016 TAMUG Diving Safety Manual. This is the first major update to the manual since 2013, and it addresses many of the new processees and procedures of the TAMUG Dive Program.

However, our diving policies and regulations are subject to change as we adapt to changes from the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, our internationaly-recognized training agency partners, and decisions and advice of the Risk Management office at Texas A&M University.

Any changes to the TAMUG Dive Safety Manual that are approved by the DCB through the 2016-2017 academic year will appear here for immediate dissemiation to the program's stakeholders.


Appendix 1: Diving Medical Exam Overview for the Examining Physician (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 2: Medical Evaluation Report of Fitness for SCUBA Diving (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 3: Diving Medical History Form (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 4: Dive Plan Submittal Form (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 5: Release of Liability, Waiver of Rights, and Indemnification Agreement (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 6: Application for Classification (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 7: Personal Equipment Maintenance Record (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 8: AAUS Request for Reciprocity Form, Verification of Training and Experience (pdf) (docx)

Appendix 9: Diving Emergency Management Procedures (pdf) (docx)