TAMUG Dive Program

The TAMUG Dive Program supports many undersea programs involved in Scientific Research, Academic Training, Dive Safety, Equipment Operations, and Sport Diving that the ocean-focused TAMUG campus has to offer. In addition, the The TAMUG Dive Program  supports scientific diving operations conducted by faculty on the Texas A&M University College Station campus. On an annual basis, the TAMUG Dive Program facilities scientific and educational activities through undergraduate courses, continuing educational and training programs, and safety oversight, at both regional and global locations. 

Leadership for the TAMUG Dive Program is an enthusiastic group of faculty and staff, who operate with a full dive locker with facilities for gear storage and maintenance, breathing gas compressor and fill system, and administrative spaces that are a source of pride and enjoyment for students and their families, former students, faculty, staff, the entire TAMU system, and the community.

The TAMUG Dive Program seeks to become the best research, educational, and dive training facility on the Gulf Coast to support the broader academic mission of Texas A&M University.


1. TAMUG Dive Program Town Hall: Monday, March 6, 2017

On March 6 2017, there will be a TAMUG Dive Program Town Hall from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in OCSB 141.  The purpose of this Town Hall meeting is to inform the TAMUG community about personnel, policy and procedural changes to the Dive Program since March 2016. All stakeholders in the TAMUG Dive Program (faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students) are invited to learn about the current direction of the program and provide feedback to DCB members and instructors.

2. Upcoming Safety and Educational Courses

A NAUI First Aid and Nitroc Course are scheduled for Spring 2017. Click here for more information, or browse to "Upcoming Safety Courses" under the "Resources" option from the Main Menu above. 

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