The Impact Of A Gift

Our campus really is a window to the sea

Texas A&M University at Galveston is of, for and by the sea. Our island campus is the perfect setting to study both the nature and business of the sea and adjacent coastline.

By supporting the campus you ensure that we continue to grow and evolve to meet the physical and technological needs of our students. Support for the campus may come in the form of a contribution to a collection of works in the library, the outfitting of a laboratory, the donation of a boat, or even the construction of a new facility.

Capital support to improve the learning and living environment for our Aggies through construction of new facilities and the maintenance and renovation of existing buildings is vital to our future.

Our Students are the lifeblood of this campus

You can help shape their futures by providing scholarship funding. More than half of our students need financial assistance. A scholarship enables them to concentrate on the most important part of the college experience – learning.

Scholarships are the best way to directly impact the life of a student or students. Endowed scholarships ensure that your generosity continues for generations. Scholarships and fellowships help attract students with proven academic credentials, leadership and potential.

Another option is to support the many student activities on our campus. One such fund is the William C. Hearn '63 Student Development Endowment which was initiated to honor Bill's many contributions to our campus on the occasion of his retirement. This fund is used primarily by the Student Life Office in direct support of student activities.

Our Faculty leads our success

When you invest in our faculty, you are providing the extra resources needed to ensure that we recruit, support, and retain the best and brightest faculty members. Private support affords them greater opportunities, which ultimately allows them the best opportunity to impart their knowledge to our students.

Your support can take many forms:

  • Endowed Chair

  • Endowed Professorship

  • Endowed Lectureship

  • Research endowments  - to support the purchase of equipment and supplies and to provide funding for research travel and expenses.

Whether directly supporting research project or providing an endow faculty chair, you contribution ensures that the faculty of Texas A&M University at Galveston is among the very best.

Our Spirit is endless

Just like the song says, "there’s a spirit can ne’er be told..." It would be difficult to describe how deeply the Aggie Spirit lives in our students, our faculty and our staff. But it is evident in the many rich traditions our campus embraces. From Elephant Walk to Muster, the Aggie Spirit is alive and well in Galveston.

Your contributions to the many extracurricular programs we offer ensures that the Spirit continues. It gives the students the opportunity to experience a myriad of activities beyond traditional learning. Programs like the Peer Educators and the Crew rely on private funding to subsidize their activities.