Collaborative Research: Ridge-Runnel Post-Storm Beach Recovery-Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics

Duration: 2013-2016
Sponsor: Ocean Sciences OCE-Marine Geology and Geophysics (NSF)
Funding Amount: $110,641
PI: Jens Figlus


The research objectives of this proposal will significantly advance understanding of hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes associated with ridge and runnel (RR) systems. RR systems are common on many beaches throughout the world and represent one of the key mechanisms for post-storm beach recovery. Despite their importance they remain poorly understood, primarily because of a lack of detailed field observations. To redress this, we propose a thorough field experimental campaign and data analysis effort to quantify the detailes hydrodynamics and sediment transport processes that drive morphologic evolution associated with these features.


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