Flood Risk Reduction Colloquium with Delft University, Netherlands

Duration: July 2013
Sponser: National Science Foundation
Funding Amount: $27,230
PI: Sam Brody


In recognition of this lack of knowledge and systematic evaluation of coastal vulnerabilities, Texas A&M University at Galveston and Delft University partnered to hold a colloquium on flood risk reduction in the Netherlands during the summer of 2013. This event brought together graduate students and faculty members from both institutions representing a diversity of disciplines, including coastal engineering, hydrology, marine science, economics, and planning. Participants came together for four days to share their ongoing research and develop a joint future research agenda on coastal flood risk reduction within the two countries.


Exchange information on probabilistic modeling, geospatial analysis, and structural and nonstructural mitigation techniques as applied to the Gulf of Mexico
Application of Dutch flood risk reduction research methods, policies, and mitigation techniques to the Gulf Coast region
Acquiring and sharing on risk reduction approaches in coastal areas
Facilitating research experiences and learning for students at Texas A&M University
Pursuing joint peer-reviewed publications on flood risk reduction in comparable coastal areas in the Netherlands and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.


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