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The Center for Texas Beaches and Shores (CTBS) at Texas A&M University at Galveston was established in 1993 by the Texas Legislature to address beach erosion and wetlands loss throughout the state. We seek to become the gateway for research on coastal sustainability and resiliency.

This Center is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Texas shoreline, bays and waterways through innovative research in cooperation with government and private sector agencies. Our focus is to develop comprehensive, holistic approaches to Texas coastal research and restoration solutions while incorporating natural, economic and political processes.

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The Texas Coast is one of the most productive and ecologically distinctive shorelines in the World.  It is dynamically being reshaped by both natural and man-made forces.  The Center for Texas Beaches and Shores aims to gain further understanding and educate the Texans living in this 18-county coastal region.

Map of Texas coast by county

We have worked to create the Texas Coastal Planning Atlas using detailed geographic information that assists in providing guidance in decision-making, policy, and planning.

Texas Coastal Planning Atlas

Watch a video about the Coastal Atlas

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