How to Setup Your TAMUG Email on Your iPhone

     Step 1:
    On your device, tap the "Settings" icon, scroll down and tap "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars",

email on iphone 1


     Step 2:
     tap "Add Account...",

Tamug email on iphone 2


      Step 3:
then tap "Microsoft Exchange".

Tamug email on iphone 4 

     Step 4:

     (A)Once you are in the Microsoft Exchange Setup screen, type in your TAMUG email address, (example:

     (B)Leave the "Domain" field blank (if asked for it any any point it is:

     (C)Then enter your "Username" field, and your password in the "Password" field.

     NOTE: You can give your account a name in the "Description" field that will be the account name when you go into the Mail app, or leave the way it is.

     (D)Now, tap the blue "Next" button on the top-right hand side. The screen will fade and ask you if you want to accept the certificate. 

     (E)Tap "Accept" and it will take you back to the setup window with a new field called "Server". Enter:, then tap "Next" again.


Tamug email on iphone 4 


     Step 5:

     If the iPhone comes back and says setup has failed you will need to go back in the the settings and add the domain ( and also go to "advanced" and make sure SSL is set to "On".

     Finally, you will be sent to a screen that will ask you if you want to sync your contact and calendars as well.  

     These options can be left off if you choose to stay with your current contact list or calendars

     Tap "Done" on the top-right hand side, and you are set.

Note: Only mail will push to your phone, unless you tell it to push everything. To do so:

(A)Tap "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" button in the "Preferences" app.  

(B)Then tap the TAMUG email you created and tap "Mail Folders to Push" button at the bottom. 

(C)Tap the folder(s) that you want the device to push, and your phone will synchronize those folders automatically.

Also, make sure the Push switch is "On" for your mail in the "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars" preference menu under "Fetch New Data".