Degree Planner Questions

What is Degree Planner?
It is a course planning tool designed to facilitate a timely completion of all degree requirements needed to earn your degree at Texas A&M University.

Why is it mandatory to complete my Degree Planner?
TAMU requires all students to complete and submit a degree planner every year by the end of September to ensure that you understand what is required of you to stay on track and graduate with your decree.


What will happen if I don’t submit it every year?
A hold will be placed on your account preventing registration until you submit your planner.


Do I have to completely re-do my plan every year?
No! If you plan your courses thoughtfully and realistically you may just need to make some minor adjustments
(if any) and press SUBMIT!


Where do I find degree planner?
HOWDY > My Record > Undergraduate Degree Planner channel
If you are accessing Degree Planner for the first time you will need to agree to terms.


What if I have two degree programs?
You can only run one degree evaluation at a time, so you will need to choose one program at a time.

Where should I start?
To understand your degree requirements look at your Degree Evaluation. Your Degree Evaluation is where you can find all the requirements needed to earn your degree. You should always compare your degree plan to Degree Evaluation to ensure you are compliant. Also, refer to the Degree Planner guides for additional help.

 How do I read my Degree Evaluation?
If you are seeing red bars and “not met”, this means you have not planned all of the courses necessary to earn your degree. Expand the sections to see what classes are needed.

Where can I go to add/edit my courses?   
You can use either the Template tab or the “Add New Courses to Degree Plan” button in the Edit Plan tab. Using a template can be useful to “dump” in the courses into your plan all at once. Adding courses individually through the Edit Plan tab can be useful if you have an idea of what courses you need to plan for or inputting a TRANSFER credit course

How do I know if my plan has errors when I add classes?
If you add courses that do not exist or that have pre-requisites, you will see a message that identifies the courses with errors.

Why are there error symbols on my plan?
If you are seeing an error symbol next to the total hours for the semester, it is because the maximum credit hours allowed per semester is 19.DegreePlannerCreditError
If you are seeing a symbol next to a course you planned, that course is not historically offered in the semester in which it was placed.DegreePlannerHistoryError
Is there a way to know when a course is offered?
Yes! By using the Course History tab you are able to find out when courses were historically offered.

I am planning to take courses in the summer at another institution, but the “not historically offered” message pops up, what do I do?
Make sure that you check the box indicating that the credit is being transferred and the notification will go away.
How do I know if courses have pre-requisites?
You should always check the PreReq Check tab to make sure all planned courses are in sequence.

What do I do when I have finished my plan?
Once you have finished, check against Degree Planner to make sure that all bars are green and yellow, and are “met” in all areas. If you are clear in all areas you are able to submit your planner as “self approved” found at the bottom of the Degree Evaluation.

What does it mean to self approve?
That means that your plan is automatically approved without having to wait for an advisor’s review! If you are unable to self approve when you submit your planner, it will need to be approved by an advisor. You will not be able to make changes to your plan until it is approved or denied.
Why can't I submit my plan as self approve?
Some degree programs have errors in the system (no fault to the student), and even though you have planned out everything correctly, your planner has to be reviewed by an advisor. If the only errors in your planner are the major specific errors, you will have no problem getting your plan approved!
**Please note: once your plan has been submitted for advisor approval, you will not be able to edit your plan until an advisor has reviewed your plan and it is "approved" or "denied"**
Use the comment box under the Degree Evaluation Tab to list and describe any errors, adjustments, or special circumstances to your advisor before submitting your plan for approval.