AP, CLEP, DSST, IB, & SAT II Credit Acceptance

Accept any eligible Credit by Examination hours online in HOWDY

Incoming Students will not be able to see their credit until they register for their first classes at TAMUG.

First view your Unofficial Transcript under the My Record Tab in HOWDY to see if credit has already been applied. If the corresponding course credit does not show up on your Unofficial Transcript then it has not been applied and you need to follow the steps below:

In order to accept AP, CLEP, DSST, IB, & SAT II credit from high school and have the credit hours applied to your unofficial transcript:

  1. Make sure that your scores have been sent to TAMU!
    Check for processed scores in Howdy under the My Record tab and Test Scores link in the Grades & Transcripts box.

  2. Consult your Academic Advisor prior to accepting any credit to determine the course credit needed for  your specific degree plan.
    Please make an appointment through TAMUG TutorTrac to do so.

    View Scores accepted by Texas A&M University for Course Credit

  3. Enter the HOWDY Portal and select the My Record Tab.

  4. Then click on the “Credit by Examination” link in the Grades and Transcripts channel on the My Record tab.  You will be taken to a screen that lists the exams awaiting course credit decision.

  5. Once an eligible exam hyperlink is selected, you will see which courses can be awarded credit.
    You will not be able to accept credit for courses in which you are currently enrolled (drop the course first) or have previously earned credit.

  6. Select the course(s) needed for credit, agree to the terms, and then submit to Accept it.
    Please read carefully to accept the correct course credit. When in doubt, leave it alone and consult an Academic Advisor.

The decision to Accept credit cannot be reversed, per TAMU Student Rule 8.4.3.