TAMU Departmental CBE Eligibility


  • Must be an admitted or officially enrolled student
  • CBE tests are offered by appointment only through the Office of Academic Enhancement, call (409) 741-4343 for more information.
  • There is no limit to the number of hours that may be earned through the CBE program. Credit earned through the CBE program, however, does not apply toward meeting university residence requirements.
  • All CBE credit is awarded without grade and is not included in the calculation of Grade Point Ratios.
  • Credit earned by examination will not jeopardize eligibility for scholarships that require freshman standing.
  • A student may claim CBE credits at any point during their undergraduate program. Once claimed, credit cannot be declined.
  • A student may not obtain credit by taking the Credit by Examination for courses in which he or she is currently registered or has acquired a grade other than Q, or W or NG.
  • A student who is enrolled in a course past the Q-drop deadline will lose any CBE credit previously claimed for that course, regardless of the outcome of the course.
  • First year grade exclusion does not restore eligibility for Credit By Examination.
  • Students may not receive credit by examination for courses that are prerequisites to courses for which they already have credit except with the approval of the department authorizing the exam and the Associate Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs.
  • Credit earned via credit by examination will be replaced in a student's academic record when a passing grade is earned in the corresponding course. Credit earned via credit by examination, however, will not be forfeited as a result of aborted course attempts.
  • Officially enrolled students who believe they are proficient in the material of an undergraduate course for which the responsible department does not routinely offer CBE may initiate a course challenge by the last day to drop classes without record. The challenge process begins when the student completes the CBE request form and presents it to the department offering the course. Department approval is required before a new challenge exam will be offered. If the exam process is not permitted, reasons for disapproval are recorded on the CBE request.
  • Credit by Examination requires a student fee of $50 for each test that will be used to support such activities as test administration, preparation, selection of exams, scoring, analysis and reporting.

If you have any questions about Departmental Credit By Examination, please contact The Office of Academic Enhancement at (409) 741-4343.