AFS College-Level Teaching Award

Each fall, The Association of Former Students honors outstanding faculty members for their dedication to teaching. Since the program's inception in 1982, recipients are recognized for their talent, expertise and devotion on conveying knowledge to students.

The Office of Academic Affairs issues the award guidelines, while the award selection process is managed at the college level. The colleges are now accepting nominations for this award.

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Additional Information and Guidelines

College Level Teaching Award Timeline

Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Awards Recognition

Dr. Carol Bunch Davis, Liberal Studies, 2018

Dr. David Wells, Marine Biology, 2017

Capt. Herbert Walling, Maritime Transportation, 2016

Dr. Bernd Würsig, Marine Biology, 2015

Dr. Christopher D. Marshall, Marine Biology, 2014

Ms. Amie J. Hufton ‘10, General Academics, 2013

Mr. Gerard Coleman, Marine Engineering Technology, 2012

Dr. Wyndylyn von Zharen, Marine Sciences & Maritime Administration, 2011

Dr. Patrick Louchouarn, Marine Sciences, 2010

Dr. Susan Knock, Marine Sciences, 2009

Dr. Glenn Jones, Marine Sciences, 2008

Dr. Andre Landry, Marine Sciences, 2007

Ms. Debra Maceo, General Academics, 2006

Dr. Gary Gill, Marine Sciences, 2005

Capt. Karl Haupt, Maritime Transportation, 2004

Dr. Tyne-Hsien Chang, Maritime Systems Engineering, 2003

Dr. John R. Schwarz, Marine Biology, 2002

Dr. Ernest L. Estes, III, Marine Sciences, 2001

Dr. Ching-Yun Suen, General Academics, 2000

Dr. Frederick C. Schlemmer, Marine Sciences, 1993

Dr. Ching-Yin Suen, General Academics, 1992

Ms. Janetta Baldwin, Health and Physical Education, 1984